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Social media management

Creation of content for social networks.
Our content strategy includes the creation of
30 Banners,
2 Stories banners,

How we manage the accounts

We create each custom Post.
Each Banner is created and scheduled 30 days in advance.
The banners will be created in 2 languages in English and in Spanish.

Each publication that is scheduled within social networks is sent 7 days before the client to authorize the publication.


We incorporate Hashtag in trends as reflected by the category of your business.

For example if your business is within the Restaurants category,
in that case we use the most common and well-known hashtags, we also take into account the location of the establishment.
These are some examples
#food #dinner #seafood #boston

How would your Facebook & Instagram Story look like

Each commercial video includes an audio voice of the advertisement description.

The audio adapts to the length of the video. Each video creation includes copyright-free background music.
Dimension (1920px x 1080px) HD resolution Image 15
Videos post

Each commercial video includes an audio voice of the advertisement description.

The audio adapts to the length of the video.

Each video creation includes copyright-free background music.

Video length

15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds,

Video post  (1080px x 1920px)

Banners for Social Media



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18 -23

Personal Plan

Learn more about the plan

Within the period of the month,
30 images in English
30 images in Spanish
You can decide if you want the banners to be in 2 languages.
Note! The price does not change if you decide to get the banners in a single Language

In this plan it does not include video creation
Note! When creating the video we integrate images and video clips from our gallery.
We also personalize the video to your style with the fragment of images or videos that you send us, Each fragment of video that you want to personalize is recommended not to exceed the maximum duration of 1 minute.
For greater flexibility in creating the custom video, it is recommended that you submit 4 videos of 1 minute in length and from different angles of the product.

When we talk about content management, it means that we take responsibility within your business page on Facebook or Instagram.
Within these platforms program the images that we have created for your company.

We also monitor the behavior of users to how they react to the published images and in this way we arrange the publications so that you have a better result of attracting traffic for your business.

As a marketing company we exonerate ourselves from responsibilities to answer questions or messages sent to your business page.
For example, if a user asks a question regarding the service or product that your company offers, we are not responsible for responding to the customer, that is the responsibility of your company.

When we talk about video marketing, we mean that we create an advertising campaign with the objective that the video can have a greater reach of traffic from future clients who are in the nearby cities of your business.

In the first month, we base the first ad on attracting users’ attention to the product or service that is being promoted.

In the second month the ad campaigns become more aggressive,
We changed the traffic strategy to encourage customers to take action.

In this case, it could be to contact your company or an action that becomes a call, there really are countless tools and options that we can use in the best way that best suits your company with the best results.

When we talk about Google Ads
We are talking about creating an ad geographically and through keywords according to the category and your location of your Business.

Being within the Google search engines is of the utmost importance, through our SEO tool we geographically position your business so that it is within the first search results.

How the type of search works, When the user is looking for a service or product through the keywords and the location where he is, if at that moment the location and the keywords match the search at that precise moment is when his business will have relevance in the result to be in the first positions in Google

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Personal Plan

Local marketing
$ 235
  • Creation of 30 Banners
  • Content management on Facebook
  • Content management on Instagram
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bleplus Ads

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